UFC Champion Max Halloway getting cryotherapy in our cryo chamber

We have been providing cryotherapy since 2015, but the concept of cryotherapy has been around for centuries. Methods of therapy to cool the body have been in practice since the 17 century. It wasn’t until the late 1970’s that a doctor from Japan realized the extensive advantages of short term sessions in a cryosauna. Thus, whole body cryotherapy was born. Over the following decades, researchers in Europe studied and determined that whole body cryotherapy can have significant health benefits and in turn the industry proliferated. Whole body cryotherapy has improved mainly due to technological advancements incorporated into today’s cryosaunas.

The cryosaunas of today surround the body from the neck down with hyper cooled air. The sessions are completely dry and very comfortable. Clients step into the cabin for 2-3 minutes and come out feeling completely rejuvenated. It’s almost like hitting the reset button on your body.

How it Works

  1. Cool
    • The body is surrounded by hyper cooled air for 2.5-3 minutes. Cold sensors in the skin signal the brain which causes blood to rush to the body’s core. Toxins are flushed and blood is enriched with oxygen and all the necessary enzymes and nutrients.
  2. Accelerate
    • When the session ends, the oxygenated and enriched blood rushes back through the body accelerating the natural recovery process. The release of endorphins, metabolic rate and production of collagen are accelerated.
  3. Recovery
    • Recovery time is shortened, energy level is dramatically increased and the endorphin release aids the body in dealing with pain and inflammation. The increase in metabolic rate allows the body to burn 600-800 additional calories and the production of collagen improves whole body skin elasticity and smoothness.


  • Pain Management
  • Injury Therapy
  • Inflammation Disorders
  • Rapid Recovery
  • Performance Enhancement
  • Metabolic and Immunity Boost
  • Anti-aging
  • Skin Rejuvenation

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about cryotherapy.

Corporate Policy: No session is to be performed alone. All clients and staff must have a trained and certified cryo-technician performing their session at all times. While the machine is in use, the cryo-tech performing the session is never to leave the room. Only trained and certified cryo-technicians are allowed to perform sessions. Our resident Health Engineer, Victor Muh, is our certified cryo-technician.