Normatec – Compression Therapy

Max Holloway Normatec Compression Therapy

Normatec, Pneumatic Recovery System (compression therapy), is designed with the specific objective to shorten recovery time, using air compression to improve circulation in the extremities and move inflammation out of the muscles. Normatec uses a distal hold (see diagram) to ensure the lower extremity is not deprived of blood. Much like a massage, the sleeves encompass the limb and use a kneading effect to move fluid out of your muscles.

Relax in our leather recliners and let the Normatec Compression Therapy system massage your soreness away. Normatec sessions last for 30 minutes. We have attachments for the legs, arms and hips. Please see the research articles below to gain a better understanding of how compression therapy has helped the world’s top athletes recover faster.