Power Plate can lead to increased levels of Nitric Oxide

Simple movements turn into workouts on our Power Plate Move
Power Plate

Power Plate use can lead to increased levels of Nitric Oxide?  

This has numerous health benefits, including being one of the newest/best “keep your heart” healthy tips.  

A key way to keep your arteries unclogged and heart healthy is “produce more Nitric Oxide, through exercise.”   

According to Harvard Medical School, nitric oxide “keeps the arterial lining smooth and slippery, preventing white blood cells and platelets from latching on and causing damaging inflammation and artery-blocking blood clots.”  

The question then becomes how much exercise is needed to do this? 

Various forms of vigorous exercise are ideal, as are 2-3 mile walks.

However, the paradox here is the more you need the benefit of exercise, the less you might be able to do it. 

That’s where Power Plate comes in.  The less you are able to exercise, the more Power Plate is going to help you. 

(It’s also true that the more active you are the more you need Power Plate. Priming the body before a match and deeply recovering after are something that will help an athlete win and reduce the odds of bad injury.)

==>>Power Plate is almost uniquely suited to help solve this problem, for a couple reasons.

1. The 1200 vibrations every 30 seconds (on average) produced by standing/doing squats on a Power Plate help increase levels of Natural Growth Hormone by a factor of 4x to 5x.   This is a huge deal.  Increases in Natural Growth Hormone are directly related to increases in Nitric Oxide, which is the KEY to keeping your arteries working. 

2.  You can’t just walk. You need to engage your muscles, which help produce a critical protein/hormone to keep your heart healthy.  Irisin is something you’ll hear more about.  Irisin is a protein/hormone which is released by skeletal muscle during intense exercise. 

 It helps these muscles “talk” to every other part of the body. It tells fat to get ready to burn, it tells the bones to get stronger, it tells the heart to get ready to move. (source)

Here is the issue: Irisinis only produced by skeletal muscle during intense exercise.  How do you engage in vigorous exercise when you might not be in any shape to do it? 

People get heavy, they get hurt, and don’t want to move.  Power Plate helps fix this mission critical problem. 

When you get on a Power Plate, it can do most of the work for you, if you need that. In fact, Whole Body Vibration has been proven by scientists at Harvard to stimulate skeletal muscle enough to produce Irisin.

Skeletal Muscle Stimulation Also Helps Burn Fat:

Irisin is a protein that plays a dominant role in the conversion process of white adipose tissue (fat, as we know it) to “brown fat.” 

Increases in brown fat activity led to decreases in glucose, decreases in cholesterol & decreases in blood pressure.

We all have brown fat however there is an inverse relationship between white fat levels and brown fat activity. 

Therefore, decreasing the amount of white fat we have help the brown fat we do have work harder and improve metabolic outcomes listed above.

But the more Irisin is studied, the greater its importance appears to be, with benefits that go well beyond metabolic health. 

Irisin has been demonstrated to impact the progression of several cardiovascular disorders and provides favorable outcomes to cardiovascular disease states.

Further, Irisin has been demonstrated to give positive and even protective benefits against cardiovascular disorders, such as pressure overload-induced cardiac hypertrophy