Acupuncture in Honolulu


Shannyn Matsumoto Acupuncturist

Shannyn combines her passion for helping people and knowledge of natural healing in her acupuncture practice. She believes in helping her patients heal by empowering themselves and cultivating self love. Her goal is to heal our communities by healing ourselves. She studied Geology and Environmental Science along with receiving her Master’s Degree in Oriental Medicine. This combination gives her a unique outlook on how health is connected to our environment by our current states of being and why it is important for sustainability and awareness.

Shannyn has treated a diverse range of patterns including musculoskeletal issues, migraines, insomnia, anxiety and depression.

Acupuncture needles with candles and drawing on wooden background

Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese medicine-based approach to treating a variety of conditions by triggering specific points on the skin with needles. It is a minimally invasive method to stimulate nerve-rich areas of the skin surface in order to influence tissues, gland, organs, and various functions of the body.

Each acupuncture needle produces a tiny injury at the insertion site, and although it’s slight enough to cause little to no discomfort, it’s enough of a signal to let the body know it needs to respond. This response involves stimulation of the immune system, promoting circulation to the area, wound healing, and pain modulation. Contemporary research on acupuncture relies mainly on this theory.

Shannyn also provides traditional fire cupping.


As a “Veteran Community Care participating provider,” Shannyn can offer an alternative choice to our Veterans who are struggling with health issues. If you’re a Veteran or you know a Veteran who is in need of an alternative therapy, contact the VA to discuss your health concerns and request a referral for acupuncture. For more information about acupuncture contact us.