Dr. Chaffee’s powerhouse presentation ‘The Real Healthcare Crisis: Causes & Solutions’

Dr. Anthony Chaffee

At the REGENERATE Health Summit held in Melbourne earlier this year, Dr. Chaffee gave a powerhouse presentation titled ‘The Real Healthcare Crisis: Causes & Solutions’.

In this talk, Dr. Chaffee reveals the incredible rise in non-communicable lifestyle diseases like diabetes, heart disease, autoimmune conditions, hormonal problems and mental health issues, and how hospitals, doctors and our entire medical system are overwhelmed by this burden.

Dr. Chaffee provides a solution to this crisis and unlike other so called ‘solutions’, it doesn’t involve lining the pockets of big pharma and it doesn’t come with the nasty side-effects that are worse than the problem you were trying to solve in the first place…

This incredible presentation is now live on YouTube, click below to watch it.