Reiki in Honolulu


Realistically holistic, Nicole is dedicated to your well-being. She is a practitioner who approaches wellness from the body, mind, and soul. Her collection of certifications allows her to focus where you need it most, customizing services to fit you and your lifestyle. She is a Fascial Stretch Practitioner, White Light Reiki Expert, Yoga Instructor, and ELDOA 1 & 2 S-Practitioner.

ELDOA (Étirements Longitudinaux avec Decoaptation Ostéo Articulaire), or more easily translated to Longitudinal Osteo-Articular Decoaptation Stretching, is a revolutionary technique created by World renowned Osteopath Dr. Guy VOYER.

ELDOAs are postural self-normalising techniques designed for widening the space within a chosen articulation. This is accomplished by creating fascial tension to fix the vertebra below and contraction in extreme range to normalise the vertebra above the targeted disc. For example, it is possible in one minute a day to relieve disc compression between T6-T7 or even more specifically at the base of the long arm of the left sacroiliac joint. Dr. VOYER developed an ELDOA exercise for every articulation in the spine starting at the base of the skull and ending with the sacro-illiac joint. It is possible to create more room in a particular articulation with an exact position adapted to each person.

ELDOA postures are very specific compared to other techniques. Disc compression existing at any level of the spine can be addressed through a specific ELDOA exercise. If a client experiences pain because of compression between the 5th lumbar and 1st sacral, the de-coaptation position should target this exact level and not the one above or below.

Lower back pain is an uncomfortable and often debilitating condition that many people deal with on a daily basis. The ELDOA can effectively alleviate and over time help fix acute and chronic back pain. ELDOA exercises, when done on a regular basis, can help offset many of the risk factors that can cause degeneration and herniation of the intervertebral discs.

ELDOAs are not limited to just the spine! There are numerous ELDOA postures for the sacroiliac joints and hips as well as the shoulders, ribs, and skull.