The Carnivore Diet Makes You Superhuman Says Harvard Study

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Here at Superhuman, we are advocates for a Plant-Free Diet. Now, even Harvard knows the Carnivore Diet makes you Superhuman with the release of their study. Our Human Optimization Engineer, Victor Muh, is Hawai’i’s foremost expert regarding food and diets. He has been Plant-Free for over three years, and will be happy to answer your questions about diet as well as sleep and detoxification of your body.

This is a review of an article published in Current Developments in Nutrition, Volume 5, Issue 12, December 2021: Behavioral Characteristics and Self-Reported Health Status among 2029 Adults Consuming a “Carnivore Diet

How were people feeling after following the carnivore diet? According to the survey results, many reported improvements in their chronic medical conditions, general health, and well-being. They reported feeling more energetic, sleeping better, and having better mental clarity and focus. While most medical conditions improved with the diet, lipid abnormalities were not as consistent. Just over half of respondents reported that their lipid abnormalities resolved or improved, while 18% saw no change and 27% saw new occurrences or worsening of the issue. Ophthalmologic conditions were improved or unchanged with equal frequency, indicating that the diet positively impacted eye health for many respondents.

Harvard Study Proves Carnivore Diet Makes You Superhuman

Do you have questions about the Harvard Study and how the Carnivore Diet makes you superhuman? Want to know more about a Plant-Free Diet and how it can make you superhuman? Ask Victor!