Victor Muh on Dr. Anthony Chaffee’s Plant-Free MD Podcast

Victor Muh on Dr. Anthony Chaffee's Plant-Free MD Podcast

Our Human Optimization Engineer, Victor Muh, was recently on Dr. Anthony Chaffee’s Plant-Free MD Podcast to discuss living plant-free, but more importantly, once plant-free; how to become superhuman using the modalities offered here at Superhuman. The Plant-Free MD Podcast is hosted by Dr. Anthony Chaffee, a plant-free brain surgeon and professional rugby player.

Topics covered:

– He recommends removing all plants from the diet, including sugars, vegetable oils, grains, legumes, etc. to address chronic issues.

– Patients who follow the carnivore diet report benefits like resolving autoimmune issues, allergies, eczema, and joint pain.

– The hyperbaric oxygen chamber increases oxygen levels in body fluids and cells, mobilizes stem cells, promotes blood vessel growth, and accelerates healing.

– Cryotherapy reduces inflammation and triggers repair mechanisms by briefly cooling the skin but not core temperature.

– Saunas mimic exercise benefits by increasing growth hormone, activating heat shock proteins for cellular repair, and providing cardiovascular benefits.

– Other services include NormaTec compression, NanoVi for cellular energy/water structuring, and DNA repair.

– Victor emphasizes addressing dietary foundations before utilizing adjunctive therapies like hyperbarics or cryotherapy.

Points specific to the hyperbaric oxygen therapy discussed:

– Hyperbaric oxygen therapy dissolves more oxygen into body fluids and tissues through increased pressure, getting oxygen deeper into cells.

– At just 1.3 ATM pressure with normal air, it can mobilize 4x more stem cells after 10 sessions.

– Helps conditions like traumatic brain injury by delivering oxygen to deprived tissues. – Pressure needs to be tailored, too high for brain issues can restrict blood vessels. Around 1.5 ATM used for injuries/wounds.

– For general health optimization in healthy people, 1.3 ATM with normal air is recommended.

– Provides anti-aging benefits like stopping telomere shortening and promoting growth of new blood vessels.

– Accelerated healing for Victor’s knee injury, allowing him to surf again in 2 weeks.

– Helped reverse hypoxia and improve circulation in an elderly patient’s blue hands.

Mahalos to @md82892 for the summary!